Fantastic FOUR

My boys are four.  My tiny little preemies, who fought for their place in this world are four.  My “tornado twins” who used to paint the walls with their own poop are four. My sweet boys who give me the best hugs and kisses and make me smile daily are four.  How did this happen? It is so hard for me to believe, but life is ever-changing and as much as I want them to stay little forever, they are growing up.  I currently have two four year olds and a five year old and it that in itself really is funny to me for some reason.

The boys are doing so well in school.  Their teachers have told me countless times that they are such sweet kids and such a pleasure to have in class.  They are apparently very well behaved and interact well with other children.  This makes me so proud, and I am glad they keep their shenanigans at bay and bring them home for me instead.  They are doing things I never thought they’d be doing like making puzzles on their own, identifying letters, spelling their names, etc.  They’ve actually been doing this stuff for a while, but school is bringing out the best in them.

JOSEPH — Joseph actually came over as I was blogging and wanted to find the letters for his name, so that is courtesy of my littlest.

Obviously, I knew they’d do all of these things eventually but was never sure when they’d acquire some of these skills.  They honestly make me beam with pride. They are also learning more about this great big world around them.  Just today, the kindergarten class at their school hosted a lemonade stand to raise money for children with Cancer.  They proudly used their dollars to purchase cups of lemonade.  As we were leaving, Jackson looked at me and said “Mommy, this lemonade is going to go to the hospital to help the sick kids!’ Joseph replied with a “Yeah, sick kids need lemonade to make them feel better and we want to bring them some.”  They didn’t quite understand the entire concept, so we discussed how some kids are really sick and have to stay in the hospital for long periods of time and the donations and money they get from people buying lemonade goes to help the kids who are there.  They really thought about this and said “So our dollars help kids?”  They then proceeded to ask other people around us if they had any dollars and told them that they should use their dollars to go buy lemonade to help the sick kids.  I love that they listened and understood and then tried to take action.  They really are such sweet boys.

Their birthday celebrations didn’t go exactly as planned this year.  Unfortunately, my grandmother ended up needing emergency surgery and a hospital stay.  Since we were all helping her and spending time with her at the hospital (mostly my Mom, who has shown that she really is some kind of human / saint hybrid) we didn’t feel like anyone would be enjoying the party.  Stuff happens, and family comes first. We promised to have it another day when things calm down and Mema is well again.  The boys were bummed but took the news like champs. They were okay with waiting until Mema got better and we vowed to make their birthday special anyway.  On their birthday, we did FaceTime with Mema so they could see her and then let them basically choose a few activities for the rest of the day.  We told them they could pick one thing they wanted to do (assuming they’d come with a collective decision as they do with most things) but they out-smarted us.  One chose Build-a-Bear and the other chose ice cream.  We said yes to both.  We now have two new Paw Patrol dogs and a giant pink pony (we couldn’t leave big sister out of the fun).  While on our way to Build-a-Bear, my sweet girl said “Mommy? Since kids can’t go into the grown up hospital (kids aren’t allowed in ICU, for good reason) can we make Mema a bear? I think Bears can go to hospitals.” She made me tear up, for sure.  We ended up getting her a black and white dog.  The kids each put a heart into it.  When we told the woman what we were doing, even she teared up and told us that there was a way for us to record a message to put into the bear. We ended up doing that, and it was more perfect than I could ever imagine. Mema absolutely loved it, and loves hearing the kids’ voices whenever she wants. Later that day, we went out for ice cream, had a pizza party, cupcakes, and a movie night.  I’d say they had a great day!

These two have always been really close.  They definitely share that special “twin bond” but since turning four (a whole five days ago) it has been even stronger.  It is so weird, but magical at the same time.  I love watching their interactions so much.  They have been falling asleep literally holding each other at night.  They watch tv almost on top of each other.  They have been playing so nicely together.  Jackson will say “I got this” and carry Joseph’s backpack for him.  Joseph will grab Jackson’s water cup and run over to him with it if he even has a slight cough.  Perhaps my favorite example so far came yesterday when they went to the doctor for their four year old physicals.  Jackson got his vaccinations first.  After lots of tears, he got hugs and once he calmed down, he had a lollipop and went behind me so Joseph could have his turn.  He couldn’t directly see what was happening.  As the first needle came close to Joseph’s arm and made contact, Jackson screamed “No, that hurts me! That hurts Joseph!”  Did he actually feel his brother’s pain? I’ve heard of this happening before, but it was crazy to see first hand.


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